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Patchwork Tech is a Los Angeles web design, marketing and development company creating innovative business solutions and beautifully branded websites.



Exceptional Graphic Design

Beautifully made, professional graphic design for websites, branding and more. With years of experience we take on every project as if it were out own.

Custom WordPress Design

WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. We use it, we know it and we excel at it. It’s fast, flexible and easy-to-use. We’re confident you’ll appreciate it as well.

Custom Branding & Logo Design

Build your brand and your new website through a unique and custom logo design and custom designed print materials that help maintain a consistent brand across all your platforms for all your readers.

E-Commerce Website Development

With years of professional web design and brand development experience, we can help you create a unique creative strategy and e-commerce process that will help you excel and surpass your competition.

Web Search Engine Optimization

A beautiful website is nothing without the proper web search optimization strategy. Get seen by your customers and maximize your exposure to search engines by letting us enhance your on-site SEO.

Responsive Web Architecture Design

Engaging website design and architecture that allows your website to respond to user behavior is essential to creating a unique and optimized flow to convert your readers into customers.


Our company determines and also understands your mission. Maybe it’s created and written down and advertised throughout your company’s organization. If not, we speak with you to find out why your company exists and your goals. A mission claim describes why a company beens around and also exactly how it can easily help consumers. Occasionally, the goal declaration is actually aspirational, inspiring staff as well as motivating customers. Or it is simply an uncomplicated claim about which you are actually passionate. In any case, you can’t prepare an advertising and marketing technique without recognizing accurately just what organization you work in and also why.


The second measure of our strategic advertising and marketing method is actually to assess inner and also outside factors that impact your service and also the market. Your review is going to highlight your strengths and also the problems you deal with– either with inner resources or with outside competitors in the market place. A situational study gives a very clear, unprejudiced perspective from the wellness from your company, your present and potential customers, business patterns, and also your firm’s job in the marketplace.


Since you’ve recognized options via our analysis, you ought to focus on as well as arrange which ones you are aiming to pursue. A marketing plan will help you specify your target customers and also how you will reach them, as well as ought to additionally consist of a forecast of the anticipated outcomes.


At this phase from the tactical advertising and marketing procedure, it’s time to concentrate on the “exactly how” from our preparation. Your marketing mix is based upon the 4Ps of marketing, including Product, Promotion, Place and Price. The 4Ps will definitely assist the way you share the worth from your item to your consumers.

By utilizing the market investigation administered in step 2, you may develop the ideal advertising mix for your target audience and also the kind from what items you sell or where you sell it. Although there are dozens of advertising networks, you will definitely want to opt in for the tactics that are going to reach your customers when they’ll be most receptive to your message.


Implementation: is opportunity to put your strategy in to action. Identify exactly how and when you are going to introduce your planning. At this phase of the critical marketing method, you will certainly connect to consumers to inform as well as urge all of them concerning your services or product. Your next measures feature acquiring the information (cash money and also staffing) to market your item, managing individuals which are going to perform the work, generating calendars to always keep the focus on monitor, as well as handling all the information for each goal. It will help you remain focused and also stimulated if you make month-to-month benchmarks as well as ventures, weekly action measures, as well as daily advertising and marketing sessions.


Get in touch with us and see what we’re cooking up this week. Find out how we can help your business reach new heights and how you can develop your brand and user engagement.



Beautiful design is discovered through the user. Just through testing and experimenting, but also understanding what makes a user truly want to buy from your company . There is no one size fits all, or one formula that will make every problem have a solution. Designing website that convert and that attract users is a process. We understand that process and we help your business develop a truly unique formula that fits your niche.

Our experienced team will help design your website to fit your brand but more importantly, to target your niche customers. Web design is not only about skillful articulation of data into design and art, but a melding of patience, planning, practice and cohesive execution in order to develop a strong business brand.

We can’t tell you your perfect design, you have to learn what that is through your users’ behaviors. It’s an art just like any other art form in which you create a unique masterpiece and even though some people may not like it, the people you’re targeting will absolutely love it.

For years our Los Angeles wed development company has chiseled our skills in exceptional quality website design, logo design, brand development, market research and more. We’ve established and cultivated our processes to consistently deliver for our clients.

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